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Laura Sweetser



Laura Sweetser has always had a passion for gymnastics and cheerleading. Laura wanted to share her love for both and began teaching gymnastics and coaching cheerleading in 2000. Laura began her gymnastics training at the age of 3 and continued training through college. She started cheerleading in elementary school and was an East Elite competitive cheerleader as an adult. Laura led Arlington Pop Warner to several championship teams both Regionally and Nationally.

During her time coaching the cheerleaders, she realized there wasn't a place for the girls to work on their tumbling skills. So, in 2006 Laura and her husband opened Bay State Tumbling and Bay State Martial Arts. The karate school has been voted #1 for Martial Arts Instruction since 2010.

Laura is a black belt in karate and whether she is teaching karate, tumbling or acro dance it is obvious that she shares in the joy of her students when they master a new technique. It's often hard to determine who is more excited when they do!

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