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Bay State Tumbling - Woburn - Acrodance - Walkovers - Back Handsprings
Bay State Tumbling - Woburn - Acrodance - Walkovers - Back Handsprings

Tumbling is a form of gymnastics without props or equipment. Essentially it's the skills performed on the floor. Classes are available year round for students age 7 and up. The classes run in 6-week sessions. No experience is necessary and the instructor will progress each student individually.

The class focuses on skills that will enhance cheerleading routines, dance training, artistic gymnastics routines, and for those that just love learning impressive skills.


bay state tumbling acro dance

Are you a dancer? Dancing now incorporates tumbling and acrobatic skills into many of the routines. Here's your chance to learn and perfect the skills needed to bring your dance training to the next level.

bay state tumbling private lessons


This is the perfect class to fine tune or learn a specific skill. In private lessons you can develop the strength and flexibility for back handsprings, back tucks, layouts, whips, aerials, and/or running tumbling.

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